Dog tired!

I’m back in my own house in my own little bed.  Yay!  I’ve had a lovely Christmas staying with Alfie (the bearded collie) but it’s been such hard work keeping an eye on eight humans.  The only time they all seemed to be in one room together was when they were eating and then I obviously had to be very alert in case any little titbits were dropped!  The rest of the time they were all over the place.  I quite like to lie by the front door because then I can see into the kitchen, dining room, living room and up the stairs.  I’m not allowed upstairs so if humans ventured upstairs I just had to wait for them to come back down before I could settle.

Oh, and for those of you who have made comments about me having to keep an eye on 'Bracken the bunny'; unfortunately ‘Bracken the bunny’ is no longer with us.  I didn’t like to mention it before because Ann’s nephew, Jack, was upset when ‘Bracken the bunny’ passed away. And I'm a very sensitive, compassionate little collie.  However Jack has said that it’s OK to let all you lovely Blippers know that I no longer have a bunny to terrorise.  Bracken is buried in the garden and Jack even said that Ann could Blip me next to Brackens grave but Ann forgot to do this.  All I can say is.............. it’s hard enough looking after eight humans and a bearded collie without having to watch a bunny zoom around in his run!!!

This morning Ann’s sister, Sue, took Alfie & I out for our walk, but because I was so tired I was lagging behind so I got put back on my lead.  I think the humans forget that I’m an old little collie and not as sprightly as I used to be.

And then when we got home Ann said, ‘Molly, I’ll just do a bit of unpacking and then I’ll take you down the beach for a play.’

Do you want to know what I was doing when Ann was unpacking?........................  I was lying flaked out on the sofa.  I wanted to stay lying flaked out on the sofa...................  But sometimes I don’t have a choice in the matter.  Ann said, ‘Molly, you need an afternoon walk.  We’ll go down the beach and then when we come back I promise you can snooze for the rest of the evening.’

At least Ann keeps her promises.  Been to the beach.  Had my dinner.  And now I’m going to snooze in my bed forever.  Yay!

PS – For those of you Blippers who saw yesterdays BLIP re 'backing up Blips'..................  Would just like to report that we’ve OK Ann’s nephew, Dan, managed to back up all of our photos using 'Bliprip'.  Yay!  BUT................... does anyone now know, how we can back up all our text and comments, apart from copying and pasting every single one????

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