Amaryllis - Take 3

Emergency blip because we've pretty much spent all day on the motorway. Actually that's a lie; our journey only took one hour longer than normal.

Driving down the M5 this morning to Cornwall, signs kept popping up on the overheads saying that the motorway was closed between junction 18-19??? (Have since read on FB that this was due to a series of collisions?!) Ann went into ranting mode. There was no mention of this on local radio and as we are not techy enough to have sat nav Ann knows where she's going we thought we'd just have to follow the 'diversion signs' though Ann was pretty sure that junction 18-19 was the stretch of the M5 that goes over the Avonmouth estuary.

Anyway got to the junction between the M5/M4 and we queued and we queued and we queued................. forever???? In fact we probably queued until we got to the services at Sedgemoor. (And the road between junction 18-19 wasn't closed.) And when we drove past the services at Sedgemoor the queue to get in there was about half a mile up the inside lane of the motorway? Mad! Can only imagine that people had been sat in traffic for so long that they needed the loo and had to stop as soon as they could. Lol!

We kept going until we got to the Taunton services because I always get a little walk around a field there. Soooooo, sooooo, angry. Guess what was in my 'little walk around field' today? …..............SHEEP!  Seriously not happy. I just had to have my walk around a car park.

Got to St Ives about 4pm and Ann had promised she would take me straight down to the beach if we arrived in daylight. We did arrive in daylight but then she realised she needed something to eat for tea so my afternoon walk consisted of an 'on my lead walk' to the local shop to buy a steak pie, oven chips and mushrooms. #weknowhowtolive  She's promised to take me to the beach tomorrow.

And in other news.................... For those of you who read our Blips regularly, you will know that Ann is a bit of a 'property tycoon' we have properties in Edinburgh & St Ives. Our St Ives pad has been rented out over Christmas and so when I got back into my own home I was well angry. Apparently there have been two other doggies staying in my home and even though the house had been left clean and tidy we won't mention the toilet seat because that will just make Ann rant?!! I could smell that other doggies had been in my home so I just lay sulking at the top of the stairs for ages. I only came down when Ann said that I had to be emergency blipped next to the Amaryllis.

I haven't even eaten my dinner and it's been out for more than 2 hours?!

Oh and Ann would just like to have a teeny, weeny little rant about renting out our lovely home...................... It has only been rented out twice in the last couple of months but someone has been feeding the seagulls birds because both our sun terrace tables are covered with dried on bread/bird food which she is going to have to scrape clean off tomorrow. #seriouslynothappy And the other thing.................... why do people who come on holiday for a few days feel the need to move furniture? Our living room (which isn't exactly the largest in the world) has painted floor boards with rugs, except now there is a lot of chipped/flaking paint on the painted floorboards and furniture is not in it's proper place. And also the oven is disgusting. OK it's Christmas. Turkeys have to be cooked, but if you're spending it in someone else's home the least you could do is wipe over the oven shelves???

OK rant over, the Amaryllis is growing and I'm off down the beach tomorrow.

It's a dogs life!!!

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