The Humble Sprout

When we were invited to enter a Mono Monday challenge for Room 101 it was a no brainer for me - had to be  Brussels Sprouts.   The idea of Room 101 (a torture chamber devised by George Orwell) is that you name something that really bugs you to get locked up in Room 101 for ever.

Here is just a small part of the case for the Sprout:-

1)  There are just over 700 million of them grown in Scotland.  That's about 140 sprouts for every person living here - and someone must be getting 280 as I don't eat any!

2)  Christmas Cracker joke -   Q:  What is the most popular Christmas Wine?         A:  "I don't like Brussels Sprouts".

3)  According the Guinness Book of Records Linus Urbanec from Sweden holds the world record for the most Brussels sprouts eaten in one minute. He swallowed 31 on 26 November  2008. 

4)  In the run up to Christmas we get inundated with recipes for cooking them. Apparently  there are more than 9,000 ways to cook a sprout  -  adding grapes, adding nuts,  cooked in mustard , balsamic-roasted, cherry-glazed,  with maple syrup,  sweet and sour and many more.  The thing they have in common is that they all do their best to disguise how horrible they taste on their own!

5) They smell really bad and stink out the whole house.  Once that clears those who have eaten them start farting!!

6)  I got really strange looks in the shop when I went in and bought one Sprout for a Blip!

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