Charger(s) MM101

What would I like to put into Room 101?  

Well in addition to: litter, bad manners, junk mail, PPI calls, celebrity culture and social media as journalism .... 

I would happily condemn multiple charger and battery sizes, or possibly whoever it is that decided I need them,  to eternal torment.
Can it be so difficult to stick to a single design for a few years?  

Or perhaps to just print the camera type on the top?

The one top right is from a compact and a few years old now. The other three are from a 50D,  a 5D and a G12 which were near enough available around the same few years, and would most likely to have been bought by the same type of customer, who might have appreciated not having to take so many batteries on trips away from home , and,  would probably have spent the money on something else photography related ....  

Photographed in the simple and effective light tent my mother in law bought me for Christmas :-)

Thanks to Skeena for hosting this month

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