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The Old Forge (Sunday December 27th 2015)

I was away in Dorset for Christmas celebrations but the great move-around at the Old Forge recommenced on my return. The two new oak CD shelves arrived earlier than expected and once installed and filled enabled me to move the grey shelf against the wall finally, and to move Elvis to his rightful place among the 'P''s.
There are still piles of stuff in the wrong places and much to do, including moving another small chest of drawers into a bedroom alcove and sorting through boxes, folders and drawers but some semblance of order is starting to return.
I hope you all had the Christmas you wanted.

Firefox  v.43.0.2 still  not allowing uploads to Blip, Flickr or anywhere, so still having to do a two-stage publishing process, using Chrome (Safari For PC has been junked) for upload and then Firefox for text and links.

28.12.2015 (1558 hr)

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Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Karine Polwart - Merry Xmas Everybody (2013)
The Slade classic as never before heard.

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