Daisy Comes To Sutherland .

You may remember Daisy the cow making an appearance on the eighth day of Christmas . She actually did come along to Banchory to take part in the Christmas decor .Then today before you could say 'moo' she was in the car and on the way to Sutherland .This collage shows some highlights of the journey.The Cairngorms lightly dusted in snow. Daisy asked to stand  out in it but soon felt the chill and the wind. Seeing the  ski slope fairly busy was  fun to see. No idea which it is though.  As we got nearer the West Coast the temperature rose to 11°c at times 12°c  As we crossed into Sutherland it's a happy Daisy  looking forward to meeting some of her highland cousins .Bet she flutters those eyelashes.

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