By pensionspoet

Friends visit & we walk to Felbrigg

What lovely Spring weather we are experiencing this Winter! Daffodils fully open in our lane, and rhododendrons starting to flower in the grounds of Felbrigg.

I was up a little earlier than I have been since Christmas day, as I had lots of jobs to do in anticipation of a visit from our very good friends Karen, Neil, Angus, Lily and Felix. The very kind surrogate family (& best friends of ours)who are currently providing Mollie with a home, while she finishes her studies at Long Road.

I made tea, then proceeded to make a pavlova, a quiche (including pastry - I never use shop bought; I have nothing against it, it just isn't for me) and then another batch of the orange mince pies. Our guests arrived at around 11.30 and we enjoyed coffee and mince pies, and a catch up.

Karen & I met working at Cambs CC Pensions in 1989. We have been firm friends ever since. We all seem to get on so well, and rather cleverly we managed to have boy, girl, boy, roughly the same age. Karen is now a midwife at The Rosie. 

At around 1 o'clock we got boots, wellies, coats and set off for Felbrigg. One of the joys of our location is that we can walk into the back of Felbrigg; about a 20 minute walk.  We have been doing this walk as 2 families together for many years. The kids used to kick up a fuss about the walk, but today they were a bit better. Until, that is, we gave them a choice about which way to go - the 'kids' all chose to go the quick way home, but we did a slightly longer walk. We returned circling the lake.

Back home by 3.30pm, after a large buffet we enjoyed several board games, all squeezed into our lounge. I suppose we didn't have a very big lounge in Cambridge, but today I did feel the lack of space. I do hope that by next Christmas we have added a conservatory to the house. It will make such a difference. I hate the fact that we can't put anyone up, as when anyone who visits has a minimum of a two hour drive. So a bed settee is also on my list of must haves too.

We had a really lovely time together today. We always do. It was relaxed and full of laughs. At 10 o'clock the Harvey's gathered their bits together and left for Cambridge. We will see them briefly when dropping Mollie back on Sunday. And hopefully it won't be long before we catch up again.

I liked this shot of the group, strung out walking towards Febrigg Hall. My extra photos show us all during our walk. We've had a lovely day together, with lovely friends. 

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