By Bom

A New Year's Carol

Last night I was visited by three ghosts:

The Ghost of Blipmas Past (in sepia tones and with clanking chains)
The ghost showed me my camera sitting lonely on the shelf, it only got taken out for special events and holidays.  It was a recording device, there was little imagination or creativity involved and I wasn’t really sharing what I’d taken, or looking back at the photos.

The Ghost of Blipmas Present (in technicolour and with lots of laughter)
I was flown around lot of different scenes.  There are bliptrips with fabulous friends, sharing really special moments together.  A dozen cameras are all pointing at the same object at Blipmeets with lots of chatter, tea and cake.  I’m shown the most amazing photos and imaginative abstracts on blip journals, some as good as you see in professional exhibitions.  My camera is used most every day and I find beauty in things I’d not noticed before.  There’s laughter when reading other journals, and tender thoughts when others share their difficult times.  I feel such pride when one of my photos reaches the top of page 2 of Popular.  I feel gratitude for the wonderful comments, stars and hearts given.  I rediscover the joy of poetry and love the challenge of finding an appropriate quote.  My photography improves as does my imagination, not least on the Challenges.  I’m shown my great friend G and I sitting on the sofa in the early hours of New Year’s Day looking back though our blips, chatting about days shared, appreciating each other’s good shots and laughing hysterically at one particular entry.

Ghost of Blipmas Future (black and white and with lots of wailing)
The compact camera appears at weddings and on holiday, but I’m never happy with the photos as I know I’m capable of much better.  I spend more time at home without the incentive to go visiting new places with photo opportunities.  The DSLR is on the shelf with a thick layer of dust on it.  

As with Scrooge, the vision of Blipmas future was not one I wanted and I made a decision to do something about it.  I made a pledge to Blipfuture which was double the one I’d been considering.  Take control of your future and support your fellow blippers too!  Take action now before it’s too late to save our community!

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