By Hanulli

To see the world through Blippers eyes...

...is one of the amazing things about Blip.
You meet all kind of people from all over the world, a very friendly group with  one common hobby: Photography!
If you should post one - but only one! - foto every day, you try to catch a special one, the best you can get. And here are so many different and amazing captures every day : Landscapes, Macros, Streetfotographie, Adventures, Family Events, Abstracts, Aminals...
I learned so much about  fotography and about my camera.
I learned so much about the world, the contrarys of the seasons, the ways of life, the differences in fauna and flora.
I learned to go new ways and I like the challenges : Mono Monday,Tiny Tuesday and Abstract Thursday (there are many more). They really improve my grey cells and I'm trilled when the jury likes my entrys :-D
But the best thing is the friendship to my blip mates. They share there lifes with me, they help me through bad and good times and I can hardly immagine a time without them. Thanks for your patience.

In the evening night comes the best time for me - time to stroll through your stunning and interesting journals, which is only limited from the time  I need for a sleep....
I really hope that Blip will survive! Fingers crossed and wallets opened :-D

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