Saddle up!

Technophobe has been going on at me for some time about the state of untidiness of the garage.  I must admit that it was a problem to the extent that it was difficult to find things.

So as a New Year resolution I decided to take it in hand.  To start with I sorted out our cycling equipment and I was rather surprised to find eight saddles.   There are another four on various bikes.  I know that Jane went through several saddles before she found one that was tolerable.  I didn't realise we had this many though.

Another couple of days and several more trips to the refuse tip should finish the job.

I am rather chuffed to see just now that Blipcentral have used my #pledgeblipfoto post as the image in their message today.

Thanks to everyone who joined in with the idea that I came up with after a few drinks at Christmas :-)

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