The Way I See Things



I've had another busy day - I managed to take several very tedious things off my to-do list by treating them like a finger-food buffet and nibbling a little from each in turn, repeatedly through the day - but it did mean that my photos were taken in a rushed tea break early this afternoon, and I didn't actually look at them till after dinner. 

I had about 30 shots of a Sempervivum flower spike which I was hoping would focus stack - and they did, but I didn't actually like any of the resulting images much. I deleted all but two and was hovering between them - but then decided to take a look at this single shot, which was the last photo of the day, and realised that I liked it much better than anything else I'd taken. 

Sometimes it pays to keep it simple!

Many thanks to Nickimags888 for hosting Tiny Tuesday this month - the other entries this week can be found here.

I'm heartened to see that the Blipfuture crowdfunding appeal total has now reached £94623.39, which is 52.57%. There's still a way to go, of course...

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