By EgyptUnveiled


After the Moulid of Abu El Hagag yesterday, I had a feeling that ACE would be busy, I was not disappointed.

Even in the harsh heat of the day, children came in with donkeys and young horses. Men came in with neglected animals in need of saving, cats and dogs with broken limbs.

Just after lunchtime, I was told of a baby cow, at the main gate. As I approached a small crowd had gathered, their faces had a look of concern and worry, as they waited for Dr David' diagnosis. The calf had breathing difficulties, possibly Pneumonia. The owners shook their heads and placed their faces in their hands. With times as they are, to lose an animal means to lose money.

They had done the correct thing bringing him to ACE and drugs were administered. He will be fine, Insha'Allah.

The grand man in the center of the photo, captivated me as I watched. His hands are of a farmers, possibly having sowed and reaped many crops in his lifetime.

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