Oh My Days!

By lovelupins17

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle :)

These were my Mum's pencil crayons.. I have them on my desk in a pot... looking colourfully pretty... doesn't look like she ever used them either.. but I'm sure she liked looking at them too!
A quick abstract play... darn it I wanted my wiggle at the bottom and not at the top... but they just wouldn't wiggle where I wanted.....
Aaaaaanyway... my Jess for tea, sooo good to see her... Jamie O's Piri Piri Chicken.. always a favourite of ours.....
She's pinched Chino for the weekend.... I've bathed him and he's smelling of roses (ish) and I've brushed his teeth... 'ting'.... I will miss him.... but I'll turn that frown upside down... ooooo a few lie ins for me! :) 

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