"There Was Something In The Water ....

.... now that something's in me" (and them).

I went to Waltham Cross this afternoon to sort flowers and sundries for my sister who is going to make a coffin spray for a dear departed friend. I had intended to have a walk around Cornmill meadows on the way back but decided to check out the Lee Valley White Water Centre instead as the light was beautiful for a change. A change in temperature too, very much colder than of late.
I was in luck, the TeamGB canoe slalom squad were in the water. I was surprised by how exciting it was watching them. It brought a lump to my throat. I suppose it was the combination of the great light playing on the loudly rushing, foaming white water and the youth, fitness, chutzpah and resilience of the canoeists.    

I got loads of extreme action pics but I've chosen to Blip this guy who is smiling/grimacing straight into the camera, catching the ace golden hour light. I've added a pic in extras of David Florence and Richard Hounslow who are Rio bound.   

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