Flower Friday

Well it hasn't rained yet today (at least in daylight) but boy has it been windy and cold!

I did the big shop this morning and then went out with Finlay - there was a bitter wind howling across the fields!

I came across a blackberry bush with flowers that have opened up already - about 5-6 months early! At first I thought they were blackthorn flowers but they were attached to an old bramble cane. Nature has gone mad!

I have started to use the Auto ISO feature on my camera - to try and get a better hit rate of steady shots when the weather is gloomy.  For this  I had the lens at full stretch for which the camera has set the shutter speed to 1/250 - the ISO has then been set to 5000. I kid you not, a little noise reduction in Lightroom is all that was required to get this clean.

The sun made a very brief appearance  and I captured a sunny looking windmill and tree against a rather dark sky - see extra

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