By Missycat

Flower Friday 8 A Violet and a Lilly ...

...and other flowers. Apologies to Biker Bear for taking liberties with her challenge, but today does mark Violet reaching the grand age of 19 months so I couldn't resist.
As extras I've added Lilly with a vase of rather cheerful daffodils in the background: anyone who knows cats will tell you that her expression and the set of her ears mean that she is NOT HAPPY about posing!
Finally I have added an actual flower shot, but for the life of me I can't remember what it's called!

In other news: the building work is coming on apace, despite not so good weather conditions and the lantern rooflight is due to be fitted end of next week.  The project won't be completed for another couple of weeks after that.  I'll try to blip another shot of it sometime next week.

NB I can spell lily (the flower) Lilly (the cat) has her named spelt with double ll due to an error on the vet's part which we never bothered to correct!

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