Two Friends...

Contemplating the terrible loss if blip went under. Please pledge today..

Oh what a annoying day today is, was and...Picked up load and the anti lock brakes were not working. Points on license and fine if caught..

First shop "fixed it" for the first 30 miles...

Second shop found what was wrong with it but they don't do that type of repairs.

Third shop had access to the possible right part but no computer to verify that it was the right part.

Fourth shop didn't want to be bothered going through the corporate hoops to get approval to do the repair. I was told "I am to busy to deal with that stuff, so I don't need your business" Needless to say after my boss heard about that they are no longer on our repair shop list.

So it was time to roll the dice..
Sometimes you win...
Sometimes you lose...

Well I made it up to the company shop where they promptly put it out of service to do the repair.. Seems in the background because they knew what was wrong so they had the parts when I got here.. And yes, the load was still on time... Barely..

Will be sliding around tomorrow is the weather forecast hold up.. Easy day in store hopefully ;-)  

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