A Cold and Frosty Morning...at Stirling Bridge

At Stirling Bridge, site of one of the most famous battles in the history of Scotland.
A big day for my pr client, The Guardians of Scotland Trust, as designs by six artists shortlisted for the proposed artwork at the Stirling Bridge go in show at the Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum in Stirling.
It will commemorate William Wallace and his co-commander, Andrew de Moray.
The two men played an equal part in the battle but poor old de Moray, who died of wounds sustained in the 1297 battle a few months later, has been virtually written out of history.
This picture shows BBC Scotland arts correspondent, Pauline McLean, filming a news item for BBC Scotland at the actual site of the battle (which saw an outnumbered Scottish army defeat the might of the English forced).
As well as doing the communications for the Trust, I'm an advisor to the panel which is making the decision.
The designs are now all on display at the Stirling Smith Museum and Art Gallery in Stirling. The public is being invited to go and check them out and feed back to the Trust.
There's a meeting on 10th February to decide on the winner.
It's one of these situations where you just have to mull it over for a wee and go back and mull some more because the designs are all so strong and so different.
The exhibition is on until 10th February.

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