Rocky Mountain Moments

By pipersmom

FlowerFriday: Amaryllis in the Snow

I had to post my Amaryllis today because it is the fully open bloom from the bud I posted on Monday, and the second flower is not far behind.  Once they get going, I'm always happily surprised at how fast they grow.  (Kind of like Blipfuture!)  I was going to set up a dark background in my "studio" (the downstairs windowless bathroom) but I decided to take it outside and photograph it in our freshly fallen snow.  It really turned out bright against the white, maybe too bright, but I liked it on our snowy grey day today.  :-)

I'm sure most all of the active Blippers know about the situation by now, especially with the new banner and the email that was sent to everyone today.  I found out today that the banner doesn't appear on the apps, though, only on the website.  So it's important to keep spreading the word!  The total pledged as of right now is 110,515 pounds, almost 2/3 of the way there!  It's crunch time with the big meeting taking place next Tuesday so, if you haven't pledged yet or even if you have, please click here and make a pledge before the 12th!

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