Rocky Mountain Moments

By pipersmom

MonoMonday: Beginnings

My Amaryllis is finally beginning  to bloom.  We've been waiting since before Thanksgiving as it just kept getting taller.  The bud finally split open yesterday beginning on its way to a beautiful new form as the flower begins to open.  This will only happen if we continue to nurture it until it eventually opens into a beautiful flower. This made me think of Blipfuture starting at ground level and getting "taller" as our pledges pour in.  On January 11 the Blipfuture team will be meeting with the current owners to review progress and if they are all confident that the crowdfunding will succeed they will start detailed negotiations.  If the existing owners are not confident of success at that time we are likely to lose this opportunity, and Blipfoto will close.  It is up to us to make sure that doesn't happen!  We want Blip to have a new beginning  so it can blossom like my Amaryllis!  

PLEASE, if you are planning to pledge and haven't done so yet, don't delay any longer!  Make your pledge now to Blipfuture to keep our site alive!

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