Man in lycra

Last night, we had a really lovely meal with some old friends that we haven’t met up with for over 15 years; an evening of non-stop chatting across a wide range of topics.  Their two children were there - both teenagers and absolutely delightful company too.

After waiting for the rain to stop this morning, I headed on to the moors with Little Dog.  There was less sunshine than forecast but the sunlight through the clouds made for a delightfully moody walk.

I haven’t been out on my bike in 2016 and this morning I wasn’t full of beans. On the way back from my walk though, the weather had improved significantly on the morning and I decided that after a quick bite to eat, I’d be good to go. So I went.

It was only to Otley and Ilkley and back but I felt on surprisingly good form.  What topped off the ride was being drafted by a young man in lycra from Ilkley, nearly back home.  He didn’t overtake me!  

Now, he was probably finishing off an 80 mile cycle.  But that is not the point.  

That, is still a first!  

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