Pampered Pedi

Pampered pedicure time today with a trip to the Fig Tree Spa in my village. Big decision choosing between 'Deutsch you want me baby' (orange) and 'Every month is Oktoberfest' (burgundy).

In the end decided on the orange as I need a bit of brightening up at the moment. A gentle afternoon, first a chinwag with Imogen in the handbag shop and purchase of some new gloves then catch up with aviation friends over coffee including playing train sets with my pal's 4 year old.

Now sorting my laundry on a Saturday evening (such glamour) and debating healthy salmon or a naughty trip to the chippy for my tea.

I'm going to get cosy on the sofa watching my Downton box set this evening while taking down Christmas decorations and wrapping mum's Christmas pressies for our family celebration tomorrow.

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