Learning day by day

By EmmaF


Carys wasn't great this morning, to be fair to her she hasn't been 100% since she came home on Thursday with red blotches under her eye and looking slightly swollen. Now she has a very itchy face, so Jim dropped W and I at Church with a scooter and took C off to find a pharmacy for some anti-histamine.

W and I scooted home, stopping at Wyevale for refreshment and to do his homework. Homework done he asked to do some maths, despite the book and colouring I offered him. His teacher has told his class to practise the 5x tables and obviously W takes everything his teacher says very literally. In this case not a problem because Mummy nearly always has W's maths book with her, but more of an issue for example back in October when Will was told by his teacher that he had put a spell on him and Will was very disappointed to find he hadn't turned into a frog over night, I kid you not!

After a very prolonged lunch, Jim went out for his daily walk whilst I finally caved in to Will's persistent requests and introduced the kids to Star Wars Episode IV. All well and good, but there have been a million and one questions since and re-enactments that I could really to without.  

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