Learning day by day

By EmmaF


How many cuddlers can one child have? She goes to bed with these every night and the sharp eyed amongst you will have noticed the multitude on the bottom shelf of yesterday's blip. Her very specials are Polly (the pink square of fleece with a teddy head and a band of purple french knitting round her) and Bedtime Bear (( BTB) in the green knitted apparel). Honey bear was made at build a bear and given to her by Nanna when she was tiny, Lilac she took with on outings so that Polly & BTB stood no chance of getting lost, Buzzy bear she made at her 7th birthday party, Mini Zee (who seems to have done a runner from the camera) Mummy and Daddy bought for her before she was born. Special Pink Rabbit she won at the school fair three years ago (I am sure it was engineered somehow by our childminder, who was running the stall) and the lavender owl was a table present this Christmas. This is when I know my big girl, who has so many potential opportunities heading her way, is really still quite little.

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