A lovely day at last - cold, but no rain and quite a lot of sunshine. After a morning of cleaning and washing etc, we managed an afternoon walk on Orton Scar. These are the limestone pavements, just as the sun shone and caught the colours of the stones.

Reading Plan
I have made a plan that this year that I am going to read a book a week, so that might make 50 books before the year is out. I feel it's the only way I am going to get to read all the books that I want to read at the moment. I am not a particularly fast reader and I don't intend skimming - there wouldn't be much point in that. I think it will be a matter of giving more time to reading. I'm not sure whether this plan is feasible, or even desirable, but at least I can try. (Today in the Guardian Tim Dowling records how he tried to read 'War and Peace' in a week . . . he failed.) 
The turnaround day will be Sunday, so every Monday I should be able to record here the book I have just read. I have already cheated a little as the book I finished yesterday I have been reading for more than a week, but it is a big book!
I have finished the book I got at Christmas - In the Land of Giants: Journeys through the Dark Ages by Max Adams. I love this book. There will be a lot more about the author later in the year, as I am going to a talk of his in Keswick and I hope to go to some of his lectures in Newcastle. Suffice to say here that this book is essential reading for anyone interested in landscape archaeology. He records journeys he made through England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland to rediscover Britain's lost Early Medieval past. 'Part travelogue, part historical study that reads Britain's landscapes as its key text.' Brilliant stuff. And so many more places I now have to visit. 

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