Dip for Blip

Here is SpotsOfTime taking a dip in Derwentwater. And yes it was as cold as it looks! And yes that is a hailstorm heading our way!

A great Blip gathering at Keswick today. The weather wasn't really on our side, but it was still a lovely meeting up. SpotsOf Time made a surprise appearance and, even more surprisingly, she dipped into the cold water. We were all impressed. The geese were less so, as were the two dogs (who most of you will recognise). They had followed her in, but were more interested in the nice looking stick. (If you want to know who actually got it, see the extra.)
Other Blippers present: 
Plus a few very important extra people . . .  and three dogs.
Just hoping this won't be the last blipmeet and the cold dip wasn't for nothing!

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