For a Good Girl

Another gloomy day, but we made good use of it by clearing up 'under the eaves'. This is the little room that was once a study but which, after we had the extension built, became the 'junk room'. Actually it is no longer full of junk as we had a good clear out last year. But it does get things dumped in there and it needs a sort out every once in a while.

As I was sorting one of the shelves I came across the old Monopoly set, which I was reminded of when we were playing a Carlisle version at Christmas. I knew this was an old edition, much used, quite dilapidated and the box long since discarded. I also had the idea that it had belonged to my father.
I looked it all up and found that the 'Patent Applied for' meant that this is a first British edition of the game, produced before the patent had been issued in England - so definitely pre WWII.
I have always loved the old die-cast pieces and this game has what are known as the 'Original Six', including the battleship and racing car. The top hat was apparently a symbol of business excellence during the 1930s; the shoe, modelled after a depression work boot, symbolised hard work and determination. I wonder what the iron symbolised! In 1998 there was a vote and only the most popular pieces were retained and others were added. Apparently the iron was 'retired' as it was only counted amongst their favourite tokens by 8% of those questioned. I notice that it is still there in the two new editions that we have, although a Scottie dog and wheelbarrow have been added. Look at what it says on the thimble!!
I was amused to read on the instructions sheet:
QUESTIONS ON MONOPOLY will be answered gladly by the manufacturers. Please enclose 1½d. stamp.

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