Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Quiet landscape

Actually, if we listened carefully, it wasn't quiet at all. There were distant dogs, for one thing: two sets, one of which I suspect belonged to the stalker whose headquarters lie on the far side of the glen while the others were probably the annoying pair that had already altered our route by barring our chosen path with great yapping and growls. Then there were distant cars on the road, which can't be seen from here and seems remote but is in fact the main route to Colintraive and beyond. And there were the ever-present gulls over the refuse disposal site which is just off the picture to the right - you can just see the building associated with it. It's a cunningly-hidden place, though I have doubts about the water in the ditches running off that particular bit of land.

So, less quiet and less unspoiled than you might think - and a landscape that changed periodically as forests are harvested and replanted. 

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