Brig of Waithe, Stenness

This is the house where the first civilian casualty in Britain during WWII took place.  Brig of Waithe, Stenness.  German planes had come to bomb Scapa Flow but one plane didn't drop them until the side of this road.  The man of the house had just stepped out his front door and was killed by the blast.

We had gone to the Mainland, mainly Kirkwall, to do a major shopping, go to the library, Mum get a hair cut.  You know the drill.  With time to kill before the evening ferry we toured around some.  The extra is of Little Barnhouse where my Dad lived with his granny and grandpa as a child after his mother passed away.  

I took lots of different photos but decided that although not as visually interesting, the history of my choice made it a no brainer. :-)

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