Off Centre

By RachelCarter

Where the Wild Things Are

Richard was fit enough to use the ball thrower for the dog today so that I could take photos. 

Anxiety has pulled me around quite a lot recently and the physical after-crap is being a bit mean to my body. I slept better than I have done for weeks last night and yet I woke up with puffy eyes and a big moon face, shakes, and unpleasant pressure in my head and neck.  Focussing on something else is crucial to stopping the tremors. I don't really understand how it works because the worst impact on my body happens after  I've been through an anxious situation but the best fix is distraction  - even when I'm convinced I'm no longer in an anxious situation. It must be something to do with switching the flow somehow.

Anyway it worked. 

The shadows from the rocks made me think of characters from Where the Wild Thing Are 

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