The second half of life..

By twigs

Round pegs and square holes

Or, to be more accurate, UK sockets and NZ plugs.  They just don't fit - not without an adapter.  

It's been a challenge to find one - not something I thought to bring in my haste to pack.  Done now though, thanks to my dear Mum who keeps things neatly ordered and knows where everything is.  Even from her hospital bed in between states of spasmodic 'absence' she was able to tell me precisely where to look to find one, if she had one, which I was pretty sure she did from my last visit. Spot on!  

Visiting hours are 3.00-8.00.  I walked to the hospital (fortunately just a 10 minute walk away) and was there early to see Mum.  Spend the afternoon and into the evening with her, joined by Fiona then Kendall then Shaw.  I hope we weren't too noisy for others in the ward.....

She seemed a little more chirpy, connected and present today, though there are still significant periods of extreme tiredness, 'absence' and confusion, all mixed oddly with lucidity and she is still finding breathing difficult.  I feel she has improved even in the short time I have been here though.  The doctors informed us that she will be moved to a specialist respiratory ward in Oxford as soon as a bed becomes available.  That will be more than a 10 minute walk for me.....No word yet on any bed though so she remains where she has been for the past 5 days. 

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