Learning day by day

By EmmaF

Beautiful Girl

How could you not love that face?

So this morning Will and I went to violin and then I dropped him at N&P's for the day. When I got home Carys and Daddy had worked their way through a big slice of homework. Relieving Daddy, who went for a rest, we completed more homework and all the ironing and then lunch was had.

After lunch we headed to town, Carys had her feet measured. She is on the cusp, but none of the next size up fit, just yet. We will be back in three or four weeks. Presents bought for tomorrow's party and C extracted from the bookshop, more homework was done in a coffee shop, before walking home. Back home homework was finished, clothes were tried on and many were found to be too small. Tears ensued when she realised her favourite ever dress, that means so much because I saw the Lion King in it, was finally too small!

Will returned, bedtime was for once quite smooth. Tomorrow is a mixture of parties and homework for the small boy and hopefully a bit of chilling for the big one.

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