American Wigeon ....

What a lovely, warm day we have had. 

Shortly after breakfast we took a ride up to Double Peaks Park so that I could check out the views .... stunning.  Although, it was a little hazy once we got to the top.  That didn't stop the group in my extra from doing a fun portrait with a selfie stick.

Mom knows how much I love my squirrels (and miss them) and thought that there might be some at a park in San Marcos .... Woodland Park.  So after leaving Double Peaks Park we drove over there.

Well, there were no squirrels but there were lots of ducks .... including this American Wigeon that I identified using a new app that Kimb told me about yesterday!  Thanks, Kimb! It worked perfectly!

We returned to mom's after doing a little shopping and had lunch.  After that I sat out in the sun for a little while .... so nice!  

I have done a quick catch up on my journal .... starting here.  And thank you so much for all the wonderful comments, stars and hearts on my hummingbird on Wednesday ... he even made it onto the popular page!

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