Walled City, Hong Kong

Wow, what a day. You just never know what a day is going to throw at you, let's just say, change is coming!

Anyway, today I managed to finally get to a place in HK that I've wanted to visit for AGES!!!! Thanks to dear friend Bonnie, who kindly agreed to be our tour guide, we got to visit the site of what used to be the "Walled City" .  This is a pic of the model they've made to show congested it was, etc.

I've read and seen documentaries about this place and have been fascinated to see it for myself, but somehow it's just never worked out.

It is now a beautiful, tranquil park with some remains of the original foundations and walls. There is lots of information and pictures and videos that show life as it used to be, and also the main purpose of the fort, as it originally was built to keep the British out of China!

Walked around the whole city and appreciated the beauty that has replaced what was once a very dark place.

Bonnie then took us to a Pakistani restaurant and to her favourite place to buy dan tat (egg tarts), HK is famous for them :)

Back to DB to make a cake for a friend's birthday party tonight ... it's been a super busy day.

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