Up in the sky...

At the Peak!!! Here's another first for me, to be up at the Peak at night. The latest I've done till now is twilight/blue hour, but today, it was full on night time/dark! As dark as it can get with all the light pollution ie. This picture is taken from a restaurant called Wildfire, where you can get the most amazing views of Hong Kong. The reflections in the window could not be avoided :(

Earlier in the day, my friend Cecilia had kindly invited Niwah and me and some other girlfriends over for bibimbap, a Korean mixed rice/vegetable/meat dish. Involves lots of chopping (julienne style) and is really quite delicious. Enjoyed it very much and the great company.

Then home for a bit to get some work done and make a few calls before heading to town up to the Peak.

Niwah's last few days and trying to get last minute stuff in. And today has felt like the coldest day yet, this winter.

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