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Smokey 2046 hr (Monday 18th January 2016)

20.1.2016 (1320 hr)

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Day #2122
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Lozarhythm Of The Day:
David Bowie - All The Young Dudes (recorded May 1972)
News reached me on this day that Dale "Buffin" Griffin, drummer from Mott The Hoople, had died the day before. He was later a BBC Radio One session producer, responsible for a great many classic John Peel sessions between 1981 and 1994.
Mott The Hoople were one of the bands that Bowie helped through a bad patch by donating a song for them to record as a single. He offered them Suffragette City, which they passed on, asking if instead they could have Drive-In Saturday - but Bowie was saving that for his Aladdin Sane album. All The Young Dudes was written especially for the band but stemmed from his Ziggy Stardust project, as the Dudes are carrying the same news that the newscaster was announcing in the song Five Years - namely that the Earth had only five years left to exist. Bowie explains, "All the Young Dudes'  is a song about this news. It's no hymn to the youth, as people thought. It is completely the opposite."
Bowie produced Mott The Hoople's single and did not release his own recording of the song until decades later. This version first appeared officially on his Nothing Has Changed retrospective in 2014. RIP Dale Griffin.

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