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Eric (Tuesday 19th January 2016)

...or it might be his female partner. The females are quite a bit larger but I'd have to see the two together to know which was which. I had a chat earlier to a local who lives in Mill Street who told me he had seen the pair quite frequently, often after having heard a commotion from outside. There are quite a few daredevil pigeons fluttering around near the church tower and some of them meet a sudden end.

I had done a tour around the tower before the chat without seeing the peregrine so he/she must have returned while we were speaking or shortly thereafter.

As I was returning home I stopped to look at the Marden at the Terraces and when I looked up at the sky I saw two clusters of starlings less than a mile away making murmurations - something I never expected to see within walking distance of my cottage. I couldn't get a picture but later on I saw that a member of the Calne Wildlife Facebook group had posted one of the same scene from a closer vantage point.

Edit: I've now seen pictures of the two together and 'Erica' has more browny feathers on her chest so I think that this is indeed Eric.

21.1.2016 (1740 hr)

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Radiohead - Spectre (2016)
At last I've broken free of Bowie related LOTD's. This was commissioned for the new Bond film. It's rather beautiful and haunting and very much in line with what one might have expected Radiohead to come up with, even though it is somewhat less mainstream than standard Bond fare generally is. However it seems to have taken the film's producers by surprise and they chose to use a rather horrible piece by Sam Smith instead.

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