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By lozarithm

Sunset (Wednesday 20th January 2016)

I journeyed to the far end of my study to take this through the scaffolding.

23.1.2016 (1255 hr)
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Blip #1744 (#1994 including archived blips)
Consecutive Blip #011
Day #2124
LOTD #978 (#1102 including archived blips)

Lens: Pentax smc P-DA 12-24mm F4.0 ED/AL (IF)

Old Forge series
Sunset series

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
The Byrds - I Knew I'd Want You (recorded 20 January 1965, Columbia Studios, Hollywood CA)
This was one of the Byrds' earliest songs, written in an unusual 6/8 time signature by Gene Clark in 1964 when they were known as the Jet Set. It is thought to have influenced later Beatles compositions such as You've Got To Hide Your Love Away. It was recorded on this day 51 years ago at their first studio session for Columbia Records. It was in the days when young bands were not considered competent to play their own music so although Gene Clark takes the lead vocal, with Roger McGuinn and Dave Crosby taking the harmonies, apart from McGuinn's 12-string Rickenbacker all the other instruments were played by members of the session team the Wrecking Crew, including Leon Russell on piano and the legendary Hal Blaine on drums.
Columbia Records wanted this to be the A-side of their first single for the label, but the band and their producer Terry Melcher insisted on having it as the flipside to the Bob Dylan song Mr Tambourine Man (recorded on the same day with the same line-up and vocals added on the 21st). That single was credited with starting the folk-rock movement and influenced Bob Dylan's decision to go electric. It went to number one in the Billboard charts and both tracks were included on their debut album, Mr Tambourine Man.

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