By don_T

Swimming: 1/3 indoor, 2/3 outdoor

Spent a lovely night at the hotel where my sweetie's work awards dinner was held, such a treat not to have to head home facing -12 and transit (and an hour commute). I was fortunate enough to have the day off so was skating on the outdoor rink at city hall at 8 a.m. this morning just as the Zamboni finished cleaning. I really enjoyed skating with only 2 others on the ice, and then spent 15 minutes working on my edges doing figure 8s. I haven't worked on this for over 35 years, not since I was a figure skater in my teens. I then went to the hotel salt water pool, which is mostly outdoors and did my 45 minutes of laps, it was heavenly! The steam coming off the water was amazing, I tried to capture it in this picture. There are 3 large garage doors that open the pool up in good weather. I included the blue ceiling in the pic as when I walked in to the pool area the few birds who have taken up residence inside were singing away. In the cold winter (-3 today) it was awesome to hear them singing. I finished my wonderful day off meeting a good friend for a long late lunch.

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