Life in Canada

By MissMacPic

Lucky, Lucky

A very cold, chilly morning with not much snow on the ground.  Only one owl to be seen and lucky for me it was dinner time.  This is the second time I have seen a Saw Whet eating.  He was not at all disturbed by me so my fingers slowly became numb as I snapped photos of him.  With the golden morning sun, who would guess it was -21 C with the windchill?
Extras include my favourite place to photograph a sunrise..I headed down there early as I was hoping to capture the variations in colour before the actual sun came up.  Nature wasn't cooperative for a spectacular one this morn.  I had to include a photo of an Eastern Grey who in the morning sun looked black, reddish with a hint of grey.  He was watching some other people approaching who were complaining that there was NOTHING to see in the woods today.  Ha!

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