Paris Day #5

Up and out to Sainte Chapelle. I've always wanted to go there and we faced no queues, so that was a bonus. We were blown away by the windows and the peace of the place.

We found ourselves by accident near Saint Eustache, so we popped in there later, after a coffee stop. The church felt very sad and neglected and he general area felt a little less safe than others we'd been to, so we hightailed it out of there via a crazy Metro station.

We headed to St Paul's and La Place des Vosges, which was pretty. We went to a bookshop, where I pored over some lovely books and Mr B and Little Miss dumdeedooed since neither understands French. We had a croque monsieur for lunch.

A quick visit to another church and then we walked across a bridge, covered in locks, near Notre Dame. There were a heap of workers, cutting the locks off one side, but the other side was still full.

Little Miss and I bought a couple of t-shirts and then it was off to the Pantheon. I'm not sure how I feel about the Pantheon, but it was an experience and very impressive.

We headed back to our hotel and grabbed another dinner on the run, more baguette and cheese, I think; we've been very slack with going out for dinner. I think we have managed a couple of dinners out the whole time we've been in Europe. We just don't have the energy by the end of the day.

Today's shot is of the lovely stained glass windows at Ste Chapelle.

Night all.


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