One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

High time

For you to get your first watch Luca. 
We've left it a bit late, but hey, it was good for you to be pretty oblivious to time. 
Well, the one measured by the adults anyway. 
I am not sure if it's a great gift for someone with an obsessive nature, and I doubt that it is as useful as memorising the age rating for hundreds of films in IMDB. 
But millions of people around you live by what their little bracelets with the pair of hands tell them to do. 
And next year in secondary school you will have to learn that too. 
I really hope that I am not slowing down for you some of the already long hours. 
Time will tell. 
That omnipresent master. 
You'll find that a lot of the rest of your life will be about racing against it. 
Without a chance of winning. 

It catches up with you. 

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