One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Soft weather

The last couple of days of relatively clement weather have kind of lulled us into a false sense of meteorological stability. 
But not the Green Nan, oh no. 
There is no lulling her. 
Quite unlullable she is. 
You see, she didn't come down with the last shower. Or the one before that. 
She came down 723,452 showers ago. 

Hanging on to the hood, feet firmly planted in position, she looks the gale in the eye (of the storm). 
'Is that all you've got, buddy?' 

See, Nan finds an anticyclone anticlimactic. Nothing more depressing than a weak depression. 

She's more than able for the soft weather. 

The Green Nan is hard as shaggin nails.  

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