It's a baldy bald life!

By DrK

Street Art

The Northern Quarter is awesome for street art. You've got to look for it though!

It was a mega busy day....starting off with a 3km swim at Salford Quays. I then went to Glossop and spent a fortune in the fruit and veg shop. Then it was off to my fav deli, Praze. I love the ladies in there as they always give me such abuse! Today it was about being Scottish. Fortunately, I was complimented on being less miserable that Andy Murray! Not hard!

I bought some rather wonderful Ossau-iraty, a French cheese made from sheep milk. It had an amazing nutty and sweet taste, a perfect balance its accompanying heavy, dark sour dough bread. The cake looked very tempting too....but I'm on a diet. I was assured that the rich butter cream filling and fudge icing was specially formulated for those watching their waist line so I selected the largest piece!

After lunch, a wee dose and then the Tour de France, I headed out for my first run this year. All my injuries held out fine and I wouldn't have suffered any discomfort if I hadn't run through a nettle patch!

I then headed off into town and spent around an hour taking pictures....before going to Noho for a few libations with some people from work. Oli introduced me to double white rum and ginger beer! Wow! Amazing! Luckily, living in a village and wishing to avoid a large taxi fare, I got a train before becoming too battered!

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