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By MildlyOffensive

U-Bahn München: 66/100 Nordfriedhof

Munich underground: 66/100 Nordfriedhof

Today's entry in my Munich underground series - Nordfriedhof underground station -was one of the original 13 stations to be opened in October 1971 and has been the blue print for all the early stations. In fact it was here that the then mayor of Munich Hans-Jochen Vogel and then Bavarian Minister-President Alfons Goppel celebrated ground-breaking for the U-Bahn in 1965. The design (by Paolo Nestler) became the template for the early 1970s stations. In contrast to 95% of Munich's other underground stations, Nordfriedhof has two side platforms instead of an island platform, though. Nordfriedhof remained mostly unchanged - only those stairs in my picture were added after 1971 as a emergency escape for the elevators.

The name Nordfriedhof is refering to the Northern Cemetery - the station is located at its south-western corner, underneath the intersection of Schenkendorfstraße and Ungererstraße.

There are trains behind and in front of the station sign speeding out of the station. The one in the foreground (which is going to the right) is responsible for the blurring of the sign...

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