Havana - old and new

Arrived in Cuba this afternoon and I was curious to see if it had changed since our last visit six years ago.
 This time we are determind to avoid the tourist trail with its sanitised and romanticed image of Cuba.
Stepping out of the terminal into the centre square it was like yesterday. Nothing had changed. The traffic was as chaotic as ever with horses and old cars all jostling for space.
There was a long queue to change money so we decided to skip that and find a local bank. Surely that would not be a problem? Is not Havana being dragged into the 21st century? Well, four banks later M. eventually found a bank machine that worked - and accepted debit cards.

Photos: this is the traditional image of Havana with its 1950s cars and horse drawn vehicles and extra photo shows the approach into Cuba with its crumbling colonial façade.

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