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Bowerhill (Thursday 28th January 2016)

My first swan blip of 2016 caused me some problems.

In the services of blip my car got stuck in the quagmire where I parked to get this shot. It took several passers-by quite some time to get me back onto the hardstanding at the end of Bowerhill Lane later on. I was then able to cancel the AA patrol van that in any case was expected to take an hour and a half to reach me.

It was my first day out after succombing to a nasty lurgi, and a lump of porridge had replaced my normal little grey cells. I'd broken my glasses, come out without my spares, let my phone battery run flat, taken my evening pills instead of the morning ones and finally driven into a bog. My excuse is that I'd had a couple of largely sleepless nights due to a hacking cough amongst the symptoms.

I walked down to the canal whilst I was re-charging the iPhone and was rewarded by this solitary friendly swan drifting up and down on the water, swimming up to me at regular intervals. I felt better for the fresh air and the rays of sun, and even better when I had my wheels working again.

Pleased to see my BlipFuture pledge has been accepted.

30.1.2016 (1223 hr)

Blip #1748 (#1998 including archived blips)
Consecutive Blip #000
Day #2128
Swan2016 #001
LOTD #982 (#1106 including archived blips)

Taken with Nikon P900

Swan series
Canals series
Kennet and Avon Canal series

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Jefferson Airplane - Let's Get Together (recorded  26 February 1966, RCA Studios, Hollywood CA)
R.I.P. Paul Kantner (17 March 1941, San Francisco CA – 28 January 2016, San Francisco CA)
R.I.P.  Signe Toly Anderson (15 September 1941, Seattle WA – 28 January 2016, Beaverton OR)
This hippie anthem was written by Dino Valente (aka Chet Powers) in the early sixties and recorded by him in 1963. It then turned up on a Kingston Trio album in 1964. As well as single versions by We Five and the Youngbloods it was also on the first album by Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Airplane Takes Off. This was before Grace Slick was in the band and they had Signe Toly Anderson as one of their vocalists (alongside Marty Balin and Paul Kantner). She married a Merry Prankster and left to have a baby. Sadly, both Signe and Paul passed away on the same day. As their bass player Jack Casady just wrote on Facebook, "Listen to how she made the three part harmonies of JA Takes Off  (first album) sound so thick…her wonderful tone between Paul’s and Marty’s".

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