Evening Sunbeams at Tynemouth

As it seemed pretty windy I hopped on a Metro and went to Tynemouth this afternoon, hoping to get some shots of waves lashing up over the pier. Alas they weren't playing even though the wind was strong and very cold! (just as well I had my thermals on.)  I assume that the wind has to be in a particular direction for this to happen.

No problem, I went on a walkabout with my camera around the area. This blip was almost the last shot I took (I almost packed up and went home sooner, but then noticed the cloud formation and the sun just about to go down behind it). View large for best effect.

The "Extra" is a silly shot I took from the footbridge at Tynemouth Station - I assume these men were mending something on that roof, but I who knows - they may have been up to no good!! So I'm going to entitle it "Caught in the Act"!

There's some more shots on flickr here if you'd like to take a look.

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