The Metal Birds Of Tegel .

The sun shone  today ,minus much warmth but who cared. On calling the airport to check if the terrace was open the answer was affirmative & I was informed gratis entry !  To one who loves filming planes it was a must do. Last week the feathered beauties of Tegel . This week the much larger metal variety at my favourite airport. It was windy , it was cold but it was fabulous. A  British Airways machine was being prepared for LHR (dep 14:10 ) Here you see it, blipped whilst filming. I love to 'fly the flag' and take pleasure in this Blip . Have travelled over four continents with our National Flag carrier and never had a bad experience. Now looking forward to visiting UK this week coming. Berlin to Manchester via LHR. May  add a couple of extras later . Had a walk around the airport before leaving and can give this tip to any in UK.  If you are Berlin bound use flights to TXL . You will fly into a very well run , clean , efficient airport where nothing is too much trouble and you will not have miles to walk .
British Airways , AirBerlin  or Eurowings 

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