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Semington Lock (Sunday 31st January 2016)

It was an inauspicous day for a walk but I'd had to drive over to the Melksham Waitrose for a freebie Observer and some essential supplies, and had left with a free take-out cappuccino so I thought I may as well drink my coffee beside the canal. I parked up by the Kennet and Avon in nearby Semington and walked northwards. I didn't get that far as it was raining and I was still feeling quite poorly from the mystery bug, but at least stretched my legs, got some fresh air and took a few pictures.

So this is my 2,000th blip and true to tradition I'm not posting it on the day I took it. It seems I took my first blip on 27th August 1960 without knowing it and altogether have 250 blips taken on days before I joined Blipfoto. I wonder if BlipFuture will restore our Blip anniversaries to the way they were before, and I can celebrate my 2,000th all over again?

I stopped being a Blip-a-day blipper once I had completed a 500 blip run in 2010 and have since deliberately jumped off the treadmill from time to time, especially if I had a hundred or more consecutive entries, so that the tail wasn't wagging the dog.

If my totals are reasonably accurate I have blipped 1,750 times in 2,138 days since signing up - an average of 1 in every 1.22 days. I suppose I am one of the longer-standing Blip members now and have witnessed many changes in Blip itself, good and bad. I'm pleased to see how it continues to enthuse and empassion its followers. I hope BlipFuture's new deal is successful and that Blip is around for a long time to come.

I have mostly stayed true to the ethos that my Blip should be a record of something that reflects my day and so this is the same picture I would have posted anyway and not a digital clock at 8 p.m. or a registration number on a derelict car photoshopped to read '2000', nor does it fit into any of the current Challenges.

I couldn't let such an occasion pass without a nod to Smokey. He was back on my paw-printed windowsill yesterday morning (as he is today) and so he is my Blip 2000 Extra.

1.2.2016 (1532 hr)

Blip #1750 (#2000 including archived blips)
Consecutive Blip #002
Day #2138 (corrected)
LOTD #984 (#1108 including archived blips)

Kennet and Avon Canal series
Canals series

Taken with Pentax K-50 (Yellow) with Pentax smc P-DA 17-70mm F4 AL (IF) SDM lens

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Holly Macve - The Corner Of My Mind (2016)
The lovely Cerys Matthews played this on her Sunday music show on 6 Music on this morning, my introduction to the music of Holly Macve. She reminded me slightly of the wonderful Paula Frazer of the band Tarnation and therefore probably from somewhere like Arkansas, but was surprised to learn from Cerys after she had played it, that the lady hails from Yorkshire.

One year ago:
Smokey 1946 hr

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